Boundaries and Methodology

Measuring Our Impact

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Environmental Data Boundaries

Environmental data in this report have been collected for all Novanta sites with 10+ employees from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, excluding businesses acquired during 2021. In total, the data collected represents 23 facilities and approximately 95% of our total owned or leased space, excluding businesses acquired in 2021. Data from Novanta owned or leased vehicles was collected regardless of the location.

For environmental data normalized by revenue, revenue amounts represent reported consolidated revenues minus revenues from business acquisitions consummated during the current fiscal year for which GHG emissions are excluded from the scope of the reported data in this report.

Data used and disclosed in this report has been collected and prepared through internal processes based on historical purchasing records or conservative estimates. Data collection has not been verified or audited by any external audit firm. The methodology, emission factors, and calculation for GHG emissions have been reviewed by an independent third-party GHG emissions specialist from NSF International.

Facility locations in the countries for which environmental data was collected:

United States (8 sites), United Kingdom (5 sites), Germany (5 sites), China (2 sites), Czech Republic (1 site), Japan (1 site), and Spain (1 site)

GHG Emissions Methodology

Uncertainties are inevitable in GHG emissions inventories and calculations. Quantifying the uncertainties in our GHG model for this year was not viable for Novanta. As this is our first year collecting and reporting GHG emissions data, we understand that our methodologies and tools will likely evolve and develop further in the future and future reporting will likely reflect this. While it is necessary to acknowledge the uncertainties in our model, we believe the information presented in this report can provide us with a reasonable baseline as our ESG program continues to develop and mature.

All emission factors used are in line with the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), as published by the GHG Protocol. Our sources of emission factors are from internationally recognized emission factor databases, such as GHG Protocol, IEA, EPA eGRID, AIB, Green-e, and supplier-specific emission factors when available. The GHG calculations were based on GHG Protocol and EPA methodologies. All data was converted and reported in CO2 equivalence and normalized by revenue for comparability. Information collected was obtained through purchase records with conservative estimates made when necessary.

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