Our People

Our Greatest Asset

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Our people are our greatest asset. As a multinational company with approximately 2,700 employees, our people bring a wide array of diverse educational, professional, and personal backgrounds and experiences that help enrich our culture known as The Novanta Way. Safety is paramount and one of the many ways we support our team. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to prioritize the use of masks, social distancing, and vaccination based on national medical guidelines for the safety of our employees. This helps us promote a sense of belonging among our team, which is underpinned by our values and supported by our culture. Equally important, we strive to keep our people stimulated and engaged by setting high standards and providing ongoing learning and development opportunities.

The Way We Work

COVID-19 gave us new perspectives about how we work. It demonstrated that, for many roles, we can be just as effective working from home as in the office. At the same time, we were reminded of the value of face-to-face collaboration. To support both these learnings, in 2021, we released a new flexible work arrangement framework, called “The Way We Work.” The goal of the framework is to benefit both the individual and Novanta by providing better work-life balance while creating more engaged teams.

The framework outlines three working styles:


Full-time on-site

four or more days per week on site. Applies particularly to manufacturing roles and roles supporting manufacturing


Alternating on-site

a hybrid approach with two to three days on site



jobs that are fully off-site, typically to fulfill a specific business need

The framework also describes the process to request a change in working arrangement and best practice behaviors so that business needs continue to be met.

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Environmental, Health, and Safety

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