2022 ESG Achievements

Driving Progress

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Delivering innovations that matter and protecting the environment don’t have to be contradictory aims. We strive to reduce our environmental impact through ambitious goal-setting, GHG emission and waste reductions, and managing the lifecycle of our products. We believe reducing waste and mitigating our environmental impact leads to a higher quality product with benefits for all stakeholders.



Our people enable us to develop cutting-edge technologies that save lives. We support our people by creating a culture of collaboration, trust, and inclusion and offering attractive benefits, including ongoing learning and development opportunities. Our culture includes a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This attitude extends to the support we provide to the communities in which we operate.

Sustainability takes work and takes a team. I am proud to be on a team that cares about our planet and takes action to ensure that we do our part for a clean tomorrow.
Vaughn Sommerseth
Manager Operations


At Novanta, we integrate ESG into our business strategy, not only because it aligns with our values but also because it is key to corporate longevity. This includes having a robust approach to compliance, ethics, data privacy, and cybersecurity. Responsibility for managing and making decisions on ESG topics lies with our senior-most leaders, the Novanta Leadership Team, under the oversight of our Board of Directors.

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Managing Our Impact​

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