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We believe that our employees are our most important asset. The CHRO is responsible for developing and executing our human capital strategy. This includes the acquisition, development, and retention of talent to deliver on our strategy as well as the design of employee compensation and benefits, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The CEO and the CHRO regularly update our board of directors on the operation and status of these human capital activities, including, but not limited to, talent management, talent development, and succession planning. As of December 31, 2022, we employed approximately 3,000 people, of which approximately 44% were in the United States, 46% in Europe, and 10% in Asia. We win with our customers by delivering new technology innovations through our engineering teams of approximately 600 employees. 

Safety is paramount and one of the many ways we support our teams. At the height of COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to early part of 2022, in addition to providing enhanced access to our employees for their health and safety needs, including on-site medical offices in our major facilities and visiting healthcare practitioners, our on-site COVID-19 steering committees were responsible for establishing health and safety protocols at each significant facility. These committees created locally appropriate guidelines for employees based on national regulations, advisories, and circumstances.   

In 2022, we encouraged employees to return to on-site working to promote in-person collaboration. This approach helps us promote a sense of trust among our teams, which is underpinned by our values and supported by our culture. We also strive to promote a culture where employees feel a sense of belonging and community through our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Equally important, we strive to keep our people stimulated and engaged by setting high standards and providing ongoing learning and development opportunities.  

In 2022, we launched an internal assessment of our own operations to ensure we are adhering to human rights standards set forth in our Code of Business Conduct and Human Rights Policy. We assessed all Novanta business units and sites for compliance with these policies including: 

  • Human Rights Reporting
  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Working Conditions
  • Social Dialogue
  • Career Management & Training
  • Child Labor, Forced Labor & Human Trafficking
  • Diversity, Discrimination & Harassment 

We plan to conduct annual assessments of Human and Labor Rights in our own operations. 


Full-time on-site

four or more days per week on site. Applies particularly to manufacturing roles and roles supporting manufacturing


Alternating on-site

a hybrid approach with two to three days on site



jobs that are fully off-site, typically to fulfill a specific business need

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Environmental, Health, and Safety

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