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Novanta is a leading global supplier of core technology solutions that give medical and advanced industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a competitive advantage. We combine deep proprietary technology expertise and competencies in precision medicine and manufacturing, medical solutions, and robotics and automation with a proven ability to solve complex technical challenges. This enables Novanta to engineer core components and subsystems that deliver extreme precision and performance, tailored to our customers’ demanding applications. The driving force behind our growth is the team of innovative professionals who share a commitment to innovation and customer success. Novanta’s common shares are quoted on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “NOVT”. 

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Our Business

Novanta develops and builds critical components and devices for our partner OEMs in the medical and advanced industrial markets. We do this through three reportable segments. 


Precision Medicine and Manufacturing

The Precision Medicine and Manufacturing segment designs, manufactures, and markets photonics-based solutions, including laser scanning, laser beam delivery, CO2 laser, solid state laser, ultrafast laser, and optical light engine products to customers worldwide. The segment serves highly demanding photonics-based applications for advanced industrial processes, metrology, medical and life science imaging, DNA sequencing, and medical laser procedures, particularly ophthalmology applications.

Products are sold under various brand names, including

Cambridge Technology, Laser Quantum, and Synrad.


Robotics and Automation

The Robotics and Automation segment designs, manufactures, and markets optical and inductive encoders, precision motors, servo drives and motion control solutions, integrated stepper motors, intelligent robotic end-of-arm technology solutions, air bearings, and air bearing spindles to customers worldwide.

Products are sold under various brand names, including

Celera Motion, MicroE, Zettlex, Ingenia, Applimotion, IMS, ATI, and Westwind.


Medical Solutions

The Medical Solutions segment designs, manufactures, and markets a range of medical grade technologies, including medical insufflators, pumps, and related disposables; visualization solutions; wireless technologies, video recorders, and video integration technologies for operating room integrations; optical data collection and machine vision technologies; radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies; thermal chart recorders; spectrometry technologies; and embedded touch screen solutions.

Products are sold under various brand names, including

WOM, JADAK, NDS, Med X Change, Reach Technology, and Photo Research.

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Our Values

The Novanta Way

We believe a healthy culture supports long-term growth and success. It helps us attract and retain the best talent, consistently deliver results to our customers, and remain resilient to shocks. The Novanta Way, a term that we use to refer to our culture, defines the fabric of our culture and how we work together and relate to each other.  

The Novanta Way provides the building blocks for welcoming, adaptable, high-performance teams through four pillars:



that are diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and committed to win.


who feel a sense of belonging and inspired by our shared vision and purpose.


that guide what we stand for and how we behave.

Growth System

that helps drive results consistently.

With Novanta’s diverse set of business units and global locations, we work hard to ensure that our culture is absorbed by each and every one of our employees. Leaders across Novanta reiterate the importance of our culture through our communications and we recognize employees who consistently embody the culture as “Value Champions”.  

At Novanta, we truly believe that our culture is a competitive advantage. We call that culture The Novanta Way.
Our Chair and CEO, Matthijs Glastra
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The Novanta Growth System (NGS)

The Novanta Growth System (NGS) is an important part of bringing our culture to life. NGS is a platform that connects our business units together to collaborate and share best practices. It provides a set of tools, techniques, and processes to develop innovative products and build commercial and operational excellence. Company-wide councils in specialized areas, such as operations, R&D, supply chain, and sales & marketing, work together to further develop process excellence.  
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