Training and Leadership Development​

An Abundance of Training Opportunities

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We provide a suite of both mandatory safety and regulatory compliance training courses, designed to empower our employees with the knowledge and tools they need to make safe choices and to mitigate risks. We also offer both mandatory and optional leadership development training courses to help our team to continuously grow.  

In 2022, we conducted global training courses on our culture and business tools, occupational health and safety, compliance, and cybersecurity. Through our internal learning platform, Novanta University, we conducted our second Digital Learning Week in 2022, welcoming more than 4,200 participants and offering approximately 30 different training sessions in multiple languages. 

In addition to Novanta University, we utilize our Novanta Growth System, which provides processes, tools, and trainings with a focus on continuous improvement.  

In 2022, we made further investments in leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Approximately 90% of our top leaders successfully completed our global coaching and leadership development program which included the completion of Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Additionally, we launched a Leadership Development program targeting front-line and mid-level leaders. Numerous DEI educational events were delivered throughout the year. This included providing voluntary Unconscious Bias training to over 80% of our professional employees, Inclusive Leadership Masterclasses for our people leaders, and Culture Mapping training for our employees around the globe. 

We also launched Leading for the Future—an educational program designed to help leaders better communicate with their teams. Leaders across Novanta were provided with a toolkit with interactive material to lead their teams in workshops covering strategy, working across cultures, and transformational leadership.  

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